Benchmark Architects ///



BENCHMARK Architects is an architecture and design studio based in London and Ampthill. They are a passionate and personable team, alive with creative and commercial design solutions. They love architecture and design and enjoy working with people on projects to create, challenge and innovate.

Whilst they specialise in all things residential and hospitality, such as homes, apartments, hotels, students, private for rent, restaurants, bars and spas, they also have extensive experience with retail, offices and mixed-use developments. As much as they love designing and developing new-build “clean canvas” building projects, they also love rethinking, remodelling and refurbishing listed, heritage buildings and the unloved “ugly-monsters”.

We created a short company introduction video for Benchmark with a face to camera piece from Director Mark Doohan which we then used as audio for the continuing voice over. Simple shots of the office location and team creates legitimacy in their service offering.