Newco Interiors


Newco Interiors is a family run business who pride themselves on designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture made to exact specifications. In additional to beautiful products, Newco Interiors provide an excellent and personalised customer service that every buyer deserves.

We were tasked with creating an intro video to showcase Newco Interiors; who they are and what they do. Given free creative control, the only caveat being that there wasn't to be any talking to camera or voice over. Our solution was shot on location in the Newco Interiors workshop / show room using smooth camera movements,  showing the team at work. To communicate the full Newco Interiors' offering we moved our team a few miles down the road to capture footage of Newco Interiors' recently completed commercial interior project at Fratellis Italian Restaurant in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.

The final output gave Newco Interiors video assets for use on their website, across social media and during presentations to potential commercial clients.